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About Art for the People


Our Story

Art is a contribution to everyone’s lives. We are a small business that started in 2015 by our owner, Deanna. The logo of the butterfly is a symbol of a metaphoric journey all artists go through as they produce their finest artwork.


Our Mission

Provide a space that contributes to the artist's livelihoods and humanity's need and love for art! 


Our Artists

We love being a platform where we can showcase both experienced as well as up and coming artists in the Austin area. We are here to facilitate their journey of being a successful creative entreprenuer. Every creative is an artist in some form, whether it is expressed through original art, jewelry, home goods & decor, bath & body care, cards, prints, food, fashion, or writing. 

Our Team

Our team is genuine and loves what we do for our Austin artists & community.

Deanna Serra - Art For The People - Aust

Deanna Worden



Lynnie Goodman

Creative Director


Hallie Raed Ward

Art Business Director


Charm Charm Sparkles

Tassel PomPom

Greeting Committee Pugs

Andrea-Munoz-Martinez-Buni-Austin-art-gallery-local-art (1).jpg

Andrea Muñoz Martinez

Gallery Maven


Pake Stephens
Gallery Maven

Our Team

We'd love to talk to you!

We love to help you find the artwork that speaks to you and your home. Please contact us for any questions.

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