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Celebration of.....

Exhibition Dates: 09/28/2020 - 01/23/2021

Celebration of colors,
Celebration of movement,
Celebration of life,
Celebration of identity, 

Celebration of….

Alaska Gilmour, Amanda Witucki, Amanda Zappler, Anna Ganina, Ashley Marie Richiez, Betsy Murphy, Brent Hay, Cristina White-Jones, Darcie Book, Debbie Celusniak, Elena Lipkowski, Emory Clark,
Erica Prasad, Evgeniya Garza, Greta Olivas, Hallie Rae Ward,
Janis Fowler, JC Amorrortu, Jean-Pierre Verdijo, Jeff Skele,
Jennifer Landis, Jess Lin, Jila Haidarian, Joanne Kendall, Juan Villegas, Julie Pelaez, Justin Haggerty, Kate Fitzpatrick,
Katherine K. Brupbacher, Kerry Hugins, Kintsugi Grace,
Laura Oxendine +, Brian Campbell, Laura Thomas, Lisa O’Connell,
Liza Zinna, Lyle Adair, Marc Alan, Marcus Clarke, Marissa Kashani,
Mia Soleil, Neelu Amar, Nicole Royer, Quinn Smith, Rachel Williams Hall, Ricardo Robles, Robin London, Ryan Bataillon, Steef Crombach, Taylor Long, Teresa Rodriguez, Wolf Garden, & Yasmin Youssef

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Austin Art + Love = Home

Exhibition Dates: 09/28/2020 - 01/23/2021

“Home is where the heart is’ is a timeless proverb & Art for the People Gallery’s heart is Austin art so we named our new group exhibition - AUSTIN ART + LOVE = HOME. With the arrival of COVID-19 we’re all spending more time at home than ever before, let’s create a home that’s overflowing with love & Austin art. We have 41 Austin artists participating in AUSTIN ART + LOVE = HOME & 19 of the artists are exhibiting with AFTP for the 1st time. Share & show the love for our Austin artists & their art!!!

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Amanda Witucki, Becca Borrelli, Celeste Sarabia, Christopher Wright, Denise Elliott Jones, Elizabeth Fox, Evgeniya Garza, Greta Olivas,
Hallie Rae Ward, James Talon, JC Amorrortu, Jeff Skele, Jennifer Landis, Juan Villegas, Julie Pelaez, Justin Haggerty, Kate Fitzpatrick,
Katherine Brupbacher, Kelli Horan, Kemi Yemi-Ese, Laura Sturtz,
Laura Thomas, Lauren Jahnke, Lauryl Eddlemon, Leslie Kell, Lisa Zina, Lucian Richards, Mikiko Kudo, Minden Ten Eyck, Molly Knobloch, Nicole Clauder, Nora McMillen Burke, Paige Booth, Rosemary Allen, Ryan Sleep, Sarala Kasbe, Shelby Elizabeth, Steve Berry,
Teresa Rodriguez, Topher Sipes, Wolf Garden, Yasmin Youssef.

Where The Bots Begin
Exhibition Dates: 09/28/2020 - 01/23/2021

Featured Artist:
Robots in Rowboats, Art by Lauren Briére 

The first step to an original Robots in Rowboats oil painting; graphite (or pen) caresses a piece of paper and Lauren Briére begins her creative journey.  Art for the People Gallery is ecstatic that our  new solo exhibition, “Where The Bots Begin”, showcases 200+ sketches that are the beginnings to creating the whimsical & endearing art of Robots in Rowboats. Lauren Briére’s art escorts the viewer on a visual journey into outer space, the fun of sports, walks in nature, adventures in Rowboats and some fantastical & nostalgic life events! Do you have a favorite Bot? Shop Art for the People Gallery’s new online store or come into the gallery!

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Exhibition Dates: 05/29/2020 - 09/19/2020

Description: The ART ART ART II Wall is a dedicated space for original art created by local artists & is curated without a theme. The flexibility of having the ART ART ART II wall is a bonus to our artists at Art for the People. The idea for the ART ART ART II wall was born from the awareness that not all original art might “fit” a current themed exhibition. Why wait for a future “themed” exhibition when we can curate a piece of art onto the ART ART ART II wall right away!!!!

Amanda Witucki, Anna Ganina, Alicia Wells, Becca Borrelli, Becca Gordon, Betsy Denny, Brittany Bernstrom, Bryan Macilko, Cara Jackson, Carol Aaron, Chaos Woods, Cheryl Freeman, Christie Stockstill, Dawn Winter, Emily Mente, Faisal Warsani, Hallie Rae Ward, Janis Fowler, Janna Sammon, Jara Fatout Lang, Jennifer Landis, Jessica Nacovsky, John Pezze, JR Rapier, Juan Villegas, Julie Pelaez, Kai Jantanan, Karry Stevens, Kate Fitzpatrick, and More.

Art of Celebration

Exhibition Dates: 01/31/2020 - 04/25/2020

Description: Art for the People is “all in” for CELEBRATION! Our first exhibition of 2020 is the Art of Celebration which embraces an array of celebratory art by 33 artists (31 Austin Artists, 1 Houston Artist & 1 Austin Artist now living in Chicago). Come & view the visual journey of the artists’ interpretation of “Celebration”...Humpback Whales return to the NYC coastline, infrared photo of the Austin skyline, exquisite abstracts of color and form, and so many other superb pieces of art!

Adriana Novaes, Alicia Wells, Amrita Shreyes, Betsy Denny, Carol Aaron, Cristina White-Jones, Emily Mente, Faisal Warsani, Fernando Muñoz, Hallie Rae Ward, Heather Rossbach, Helen Mary V. Marek, Janis Fowler, Jennifer Landis, Jenny Swannack, Jessica Nacovsky, Julie Pelaez, Kate Fitzpatrick, Katie Chance, Kerry Hugins, Kerry Kittrell, Lisa Zina, Lucian Richards, Marcelo Villaseñor, and More.

Celebrities - Pet & People Portraits

Exhibition Dates: 01/31/2020 - 03/28/2020

Description: Art for the People is doing something different; Celebrities is our second 2020 exhibition and it runs simultaneously with the Art of Celebration! Celebrities is a showcase of art that portrays the love for animals which are gifts from the earth and our respect for human creatives! Celebrities involves 31 Artists (29 Austin Artists, 1 West Tx Artist, 1 Artist from Houston). 

Featured Artists: Alicia Wells, Anna Ganina, Bern Abplanalp, Bree Nicolle, Brittany Bernstrom, Bryan Macilko, Cara Jackson, Cat Quintanilla, Chanel Kreuzer, Chaos Woods, Cheryl Freeman, Flaw'd, Gabriel Portillo, Heather Rossbach, James Talon, Janis Fowler, Kai Jantanan, Kate Fitzpatrick, Katie Cowden, Leticia Mosqueda, Lorena Masferrer, Maia Muñoz, Pamela Gross, Quinn Smith, Rhea Pettit, Sam Thompson, Sandrena Koning, and More.

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