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Colors of the Season:
Stories from my
Mother's Life

A M A N D A   W I T U C K I

Solo Exhibition


~ Sneak Peak ~
Online Store Launch:

Sunday, September 5th at 12pm

Friday, September 10th
Sunday, October 10th


Saturday, September 11th,
3:00pm - 6:00pm




Color is a powerful tool that can evoke an experience. Much like our sense of smell is linked to our memories, I believe color can be used to the same effect. I am constantly influenced by color. A photo, a memory, an advertisement, the clothes that a stranger is wearing: the colors I see around me evoke an emotional response, and my goal is to convey what I felt to the viewer with my art. 


I’ve always been fascinated with the prominent colors of the 50s, 60s, and 70s. I especially love vintage cookbook photos, creamy pastel Melmac dishes, and the absurd mix of patterns and colors of 70’s interior design. I wonder what life must’ve been like back then: did everyone have candy-colored rotary telephones and psychedelic patterned curtains in their bedrooms? Was everyone drinking Tom Collins’s from matching tumbler sets and eating perfectly trimmed tea sandwiches? I’m forever fascinated by this time, and wanted to explore the colors of this era. 


For this show, I’m using color to illustrate the stories of my mother’s life during these decades. Many of these pieces will be accompanied by a photo that explains the inspiration, but some of the pieces are simply influenced by what she’s told me of her memories and experiences. Fashion and music is a recurring theme, as tends to be the case no matter what decade we’re in. Turns out, my mother DID have psychedelic curtains and bold floral-patterned handmade clothing. Through my use of color, this body of work tells these stories from my mother’s life.





I’ve been a creator my whole life, but found my voice through paper as a medium. I love how approachable this medium is. It’s inexpensive, easy to manipulate, but with the right skill can create truly intricate and massive design. My work plays heavily on color, texture, and repetition. I think some of the most impressive art can be created from simple objects/techniques but multiplied hundredfold.


Amanda Witucki is a self-taught artist living in Austin who has been creating consistent bodies of work for the past two years. Her focus is paper sculpture and origami. She graduated in 2010 with a BA in Psychology with a minor in French from the University of Kansas.

Images that inspired specific artworks

Amanda-Witucki-pink-palace-Austin-art-gallery-local-art-7 (1).JPG
Amanda-Witucki-so-cool-Austin-art-gallery-local-art-1 (1).JPG
Amanda-Witucki-Ginny-loved-waterski-Austin-art-gallery-local-art-7 (1).JPG
Amanda-Witucki-Dad-Ugly-Car-Austin-art-gallery-local-art-7 (1).JPG

My Mother's Life

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My mother:


Christie Munley was born in Bay City, Michigan in 1956 as the eldest of four. When she was 19 years old her mother died and she became the caregiver to her younger siblings while her father worked. She was a notoriously terrible cook until one Christmas her father gave her a cookbook as a gentle nudge. She is now a fantastic cook and melts minds with her famous standing rib roast. She eventually had three children as well as three husbands, but not in that order. She loved hosting people for holiday meals— so much so that every house she buys, every table boasting leaf inserts for additional seating, and all her silverware and China is purchased to accommodate her perfect setting for twelve people. She retires this year and it is my dream for her that she hosts regular dinner parties for a group of twelve, putting to good use all her tedious years of collection. She also purchased my first set of dishes as a set of twelve against my better judgement (I have most of it packed away.) She also really loved taking photographs of her home without any people in it because she was proud of her creation. She’s an incredible woman and I’m lucky to have been raised by her. I’m proud to say that I also love hosting people for any holiday, taking photos of my home to remember how I decorated, and enjoy singing loudly and terribly to my favorite tunes. Thanks Mom.

Amanda-Witucki-and-Mom-Austin-art-gallery-local-art-1 (1).jpeg
Amanda-Witucki-and-Mom-Austin-art-gallery-local-art-2 copy.jpeg
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